Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mallincam Micro-EX on the way!

Hello, all !

Yes, it is still cloudy here (going on forty nights since I have been able to use the observatory) but I have just ordered a Mallincam Micro-EX video camera that will allow me to show both planetary and deep space objects via tv monitor to visitors as well as enjoy them myself.

DSLR cameras are good for many types of astrophotography but most require more time in post-shot work to get it ready for "prime time". This Mallincam Micro-EX, though not the most sensitive of all the video cameras available for astronomical use, will provide full color images for immediate gratification.

Here is a sample they provide as to what it can potentially do to the Great Orion Nebula:

I am told it is now on the way to me and so I am eager for both it and a good clear night!

More to come! 

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