Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mallincam Micro EX is here!

I received my order for the Mallicum Micro EX this week!
Skiee do not allow first light through a scope yet but I have read the manual and hooked it up to a portable flat screen tv (got at Goodwill for $10) and WOW! Am I impressed! Just attaching a old webcam lens and pointing it into a dark room in our house was enough to convince me this is a good product! Color, sharpness, brilliance... all were good!

I could also see that attaching it to even the smallest finderscope was going to be necessary to take in a wider field of view in the night sky.
Attaching it to my larger scopes is going to result in a very small angle of view.

Now all I need is some clear skies for first light! 

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