Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cloudy nights are times for study and planning

Well, here we are again under constant cloudy skies.
But such times are good to break out user manuals and refresh one's memory about how to best use one's etWell -miles -cruise -gasoline -transmission
It is a fact that we are all too eager to use new gear in astrophotography or visual astronomy that we miss some critial point that is plainly in the manual or info that is readily available on the internet. But it is also true that merely reading the manual prior to use is not always going to result in proper or best use. We all need "hand's on" experience so we will be motivated to dig that manual back out of its grave and now better understand terms and functions.
That is what I am doing in these cloudy days. Lo and behold, I've learned a lot and am ready to put new functions and ideas to work!
Here is a webpage that has been beneficial to help me better understand how to make even better astrophotograhs with my Canon caneras when using higher ISO settings : 

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