Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ah, at last ! CLEAR skies!

Yes, at nearly 40 nights we have had extensive cloud cover and we finally got a good break last night! So... out to the observatory!

I have to admit to being out of practice and that resulted in nearly 30 minutes of fruitless efforts trying to get good subs (subs are short exposures with a digital camera that are "stacked" in software after the fact to create one image that looks like it ought to.) My problem: I left the "stabilize" button in the "on" position. That meant that the camera was constantly moving the image around on the screen causing lots of "motion" blur. After waking up to that fact I was able to take 19 shots of the "sword" of the constellation Orion with my Canon t3i set at 20 secs, f/5.6, ISO 3200 with my zoom lens set at 250mm.
Here is a single "sub" unretouched:

Then after "stacking" those 19 "subs" (using Lynkeos) and doing some enhancing with GIMP and PREVIEW (OS-X app) here is the result (cropped):

For a better fuller sized image see it in my Google+ photos account here.

NOTE: I did not use my modified Canon XSi for this shot so I am eager to do so.

Clear skies!

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