Wednesday, December 31, 2014

First Live Web Broadcast on NSN with Meade LPI webcam

Tonight I opened the observatory to attempt a first live-video cast on NSN, a website dedicated to live video astrophotography. Be sure to check NSN out as it is a great place just to watch others demonstrate what live video of celestial objects can do!

Since I haven't received my video capture device for Windows XP laptop, I thought I would give my Meade LPI webcam a shot at live video on the moon.

Turned out OK, but I could see that it was not as sharp as I had hoped nor was the contrast controllable using ManyCam software. But for a test, I was happy.

Included in my "show" was Copernicus crater, Clavius crater, Sinus Iridium, and other points of interest, like where Apollo 12 landed.

More clear skies in 2015 !

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