Monday, December 29, 2014

Just purchased a Celestron 70 mm short tube refractor

Hi, all

After getting a little taste of what the Mallincam Micro EX could do during my first effort with it last week I realized that I had to get a lower power telescope so that I could take in a larger field of view for objects like M42 (the Great Orion Nebula) and it would have to have a lower f/ratio as well.

I settled on this Celestron 70mm short tube refractor as it only cost me $50 (with shipping) off of ebay. It will serve as both a "grab and go" telescope for terrestrial viewing as well as for use astronomically (low power).

It comes with both a standard tripod socket as well as a dovetail. Now I have to wait again!
If astronomy teaches you nothing else is it this: be patient !

Here is an example of what Kevin near Mesa, Arizona was able to do with this scope with a DSLR attached:

As you can see, this scope is not powerful, nor do I want it to be since its purpose in my hands is to be a "wide field" scope for the Mallincam Micro Ex.

Stay tuned for my experiences with both of them!

Clear skies!
God bless!

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