Monday, January 13, 2014

Improving My Astro Photographic Techniques

Even with bad seeing (lots of atmospheric interference) I was able to get better photos of the Moon, Jupiter tonight!

First, the full moon (or nearly so) is the hardest subject to photograph as it has low contrast to begin with. But with HDR and some post-photoprocessing I was able to come up with this at prime focus with my old trusty Celestron C8:

 Then I turned my attention to the large crater (Tycho) with the extensive rays and using a technique called "eyepiece projection" and post-processing...

Then I turned my attention to this portion of the Moon, again with "eyepiece projection." There was the slightest color in this shot...
Finally, I attempted some really close ups of the lower part of the previous view using video (640x480) and processing it with Lynkeo:
 And from the upper left hand side of the top photo:
All in all not too bad for using the computer linked directly to my Canon T2i !
It's the only way to go!

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