Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Astrophotography even when there's a full Moon !

I think I am improving my technique and shooting under a full Moon certainly is a challenge!
This was at prime focus with a Celestron 8 and a Canon T2i, with post-processing.

I caught Europa (light dot on the left rim of Jupiter) casting its shadow (the dark dot) on Jupiter while the Great Red Spot moved into view (lower right). Awesome!
This last one was taken with a 640x480 movie mode in the Canon T2i, with eyepiece projection and a 2x doubler for good measure!

At 21 degrees, I finally decided to call it a night...I think!

Nope, I even tried capturing the Orion Nebula...under a full Moon!
Taken with 6 shots of 10 seconds each at ISO 1600, prime focus, Celestron 8, Canon T2i
Stacked with Lynkeos.

What a marvelous creation of God!

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