Wednesday, May 9, 2018

M 101 galaxy taken with Explore Scientific AR127 scope

 M 101
24 - 60 sec images stacked with DeepSkyStacker
ISO 12800 with Canon t3i (unmodded) camera

Here is a single shot (one of the 24 images that were stacked above)
M 101
60 sec image - ISO 12800 with Canon t3i (unmodded) camera

The 127 mm f/6.5 Achromatic refractor from Explore Scientific is an air spaced doublet refractor telescope mainly for visual observing of celestial objects.

The Explore Scientific has 127 mm of Aperture
Focal Length - 826 mm
Focal Ratio - f/6.5
The Explore Scientific 127 Doublet comes with a 10:1 Dual Speed Focuser
Supplied with an 8x50 Finder Scope
Comes with a 2" Dielectric Diagonal
Backed By Explore STAR Transferrable Extended Life Warranty
The Explore Scientific is diffraction limited air spaced doublet refractor. This Doublet is an Achromat that yields amazing images. Perfect for moon, planets, and other celestial objects this refractor offers great value.

Here are some various shots of the Explore Scientific AR127 scope
on my Celestron Advanced GT mount 

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