Thursday, February 22, 2018

Update: Super Blue Blood Moon photos and such

 I submitted this photo to the local TV station and was pleased that they made it the top image on their Facebook page the next day!
Then I was surprised again when another Facebook group AASP, which focuses exclusively on image of the Moon, selected my image of the lunar eclipse as one of the images of the Month for January, 2018!

I forgot to update the previous blog with more images. I promised so now I deliver.
This is the view across a meadow at the south end of downtown La Pine. This was at during totality. As you can see, light pollution from even our little town was enough to illuminate the meadow.
Exposure: 30 sec @ f/5, 18mm lens, ISO 800, Canon T3i body on tripod facing due west. The various colors on the horizon are homes with a variety of outdoor lighting reflecting up on a low fog. Just to the right of the moon is the open star cluster, M 44, the Beehive Cluster.

Here are the various telescopes and lenses I used that morning (from 4:30 am until 5:30 am)
Canon T3i with 55-250mm telephoto zoom lens on a Slick tripod.

Daystar 80mm telescope on Celestron CG-4 mount and Canon T3i camera body

Celestron 5 telephoto on Celestron CG-4 mount and Canon T3i camera body

Over-exposed image during totality to bring out M 44
The Beehive Star Cluster (on the right hand side)

More annotated images:

Finally a brief time-lapse:

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