Monday, January 29, 2018

More Preparation for Wednesday's Total Lunar Eclipse

I needed clear skies to take two more test images of the full Moon in preparation for Wednesday, January 31, 2018 total eclipse of the Moon.

The first image test was to attach my Canon T3i to my Daystar 500mm f/6 scope (from the CATE Total Solar Eclipse Experiment).

This is much nicer image size and better clarity than the 400mm scope I tested yesterday.

The second image test was an early submission for an experiment to make a 3D image of the Moon tonight and (hopefully) for Wednesday morning's total eclipse of the Moon (weather permitting here). Images will be take over 500 miles apart (maybe more) with the exact same experiment by different CATE volunteers, one being in the San Diego, California.

Here are my early submissions to this test. The first is the focus image. The setup was a Daystar 500mm f/6, PointGrey monochrome 5mp camera, Celestron CG-4 mount taken at 8 pm, January 29, 2018.

The second is an HDR composite image. 

The last is a post-processed image to bring out some contrast.

So it appears that my primary scope is going to be the Daystar 500mm f/6, which I will use with both the monochrome PointGrey camera and my color Canon DSLR T3i camera.

I will still take a few image with a second Canon camera for "context" images.

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