Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Cheap Hack to Make Focusing Easier with my Meade LX200GPS scope

While the focusing knob on my scope is easy to rotate, trying to do fine focusing isn't.
The problem is that the knob is just to small in diameter.
A larger diameter knob would make fine adjustments easier.

So one of the things I did was cut off 1 inch piece of foam from a foam pipe insulation whose center hole was slightly smaller than the focusing knob on the scope.

Then I slipped it over the focusing knob on the telescope.

What that did was increase the diameter of the focusing knob thus making it more like a 4:1 ratio (?). It has made fine focusing a bit easier for me.

UPDATE: If you fingers are slipping on the foam you may want to find wide rubber bands that will fit snuggly around the foam. It will make fine focusing a bit easier and more controllable.

A cheap temporary solution... here's some pics I just took of it:

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