Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Year's End - Work and Photos in Review

Well, 2016 is in the photo bucket and there are not a lot of photos in that bucket due to health, home projects, and the darned cloudy and extremely cold weather. The transit of Mercury (in photo below the Moon) was a first for me!
As far as observatory modifications, I added another set of rails (to the left of the observatory) so now I can run the roll-off roof in both directions. I have installed one of two power winches to aid in rolling of the roof.
Equipment-wise, I sold the NexStar 8i SE and the Meade LXD-75 6" achro refractor. In their places I purchased a NexStar 4 SE and a High Point 6" f/4 reflector (for astrophotography).
The total number of hours in the observatory took a hit compared to the past two years, probably down 50% and the total number of posts on this blog is also down. Please, just some clear skies when I am not busy, weatherman!
2017 has a lot of projects in the observatory that need reworking or completing as well as photography I am looking forward to doing and perfecting.
Check back throughout the year and Happy New Year!

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