Wednesday, August 5, 2015

First Light with a 2.1mm f/1.2 lens on my Mallincam Micro Ex

The skies cleared enough last night from the Mexican monsoons (yes, they reach all the way to Oregon and beyond) and the forest fire smoke, I went out and tried my new 2.1mm (f/1.2) lens ($12 from Amazon) on my MC Micro Ex (1/3 inch sensor).

Exposure 1024x, Gamma .3, DNR 5, Brightness 70

As it was, I could not even see the Milky Way with my naked eye but the camera and lens combo easily picked it out! The field of view as about 160 degrees (horizontally).

I would suggest and recommend this lens to all who own a Mallincam Micro Ex !

The objects in the upper and lower left are part of my observatory building...

You can see an airplane streak in the upper right...

This is a screen capture at a higher contrast that also shows directions...

Comments or questions are always welcomed (well, as least nice ones)!

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