Thursday, September 4, 2014

Observations of the Moon after raising the telescope pier 9 more inches

Ah, the wonders of hindsight! After nearly a year in my observatory it came time to make some more adjustments to the concrete pier that my orange Celestron C8 is mounted to. By raising the height of the pier 9 more inches I am able to view more objects than before and yet be able to roll off the roof without fear of hitting the telescope.
Of course that meant having to realign the wedge and angle of the telescope to polar north. To my surprise it was relatively easy to get really close!
Saturn is just too low now in the southwest for any decent observing but the scope tracked really well.
And though the Moon was going to shorten any observing I went ahead and took some images with my Canon t3i at prime focus in the movie mode, both full screen and digital zoom (maximum to look for any discrepancies in my polar alignment. Here are the results...

The following image is of the crater Copernicus:

Typically I use Lynkeos and let it choose the best stills from the movie but as of late it seems to want to choose some stills that are less than the best. So I hand picked the stills (about 6 of them out of 50) and produced this image, final editing in Mac OS-X Preview.

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