Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Crisp 15 degree F morning yields 4 astro beauties!

This morning I captured four astronomical beauties with my small Bushnell NorthStar 1300mm x 100mm 4" Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope (Model 78884). Didn't even turn it on, just attached my Canon Rebel XSi body to it and fired away. Didn't get as sharp a focus as I could have...hey, it was 15 degrees outside at 6 pm here! Give me a break! Plus I had to get back into the house quickly to make breakfast for my wonderful wife!

In crescent phase, Venus was as bright as ever! (Discoloration due to optics not being ultra-inline)

Next to the west was Saturn. I was surprised that I was able to capture it as well as I did with such a small scope!

Then next to the west of Saturn was Mars. Once again I didn't have the best focus but the southern polar cap is hinted at in this photo, anyway.

Finally, I captured the tail end of the "Worm Moon" (given that name by farmers who realized that worms began to become active in their fields with the full moon closest to spring equinox.

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