Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DYI alternative to Bob's Knobs for my Celestron C8

Instead of buying Bob's Knobs to aid with the collimation of my C8 (original Orange tube, pre-1980) I went to the nearby Ace Hardware store here in La Pine, Oregon. There I found the correct sized screws with sufficient sized knobs on them to easily adjust the secondary mirror without having to use any Allen wrenches! Cost: $1.80 (compared to $20.00 + shipping!)

As you can see, you can get them in short enough lengths to make it possible to put the scope's cap on and still be able to make adjustments.

NOTE: NEVER remove more than one knob or screw at a time! You will likely be in a big mess when you do! Remover ONE and IMMEDIATELY replace it BEFORE moving on to the next.

BONUS: When I check the collimation after installing my "Richard's Knobs" (LOL) the scope just happened to be in correct collimation! Didn't even need to adjust the knobs after installation! Cool!
But in case I need to adjust the collimation, I am ready!

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